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Welcome to chinamedcure.com. Here you'll know why your prostate has not been cured, and why after you have tried many therapies and treatments they have not worked and your condition is worse. You will learn how to heal your prostate with the correct treatment that will not harm your body. Please read the articles. Answer the questionnaire so we can help you.

The unique and true formulas and ingredients used in these medicines assure an effective result.


Attention: The prostate is very important to a man. If you suffer from prostititas or BPH do not misuse therapies, physical therapy or injection into prostate, which destroy the prostate, making conditions worse. Our therapies need repair the damage, prolonging the treatment time. Too many patients feel worsen after injection into prostate. we absolutely oppose it

it's pity some sufferers find other website is defaming us, this's other doctors did, they never use our herbs medication, because we disclose their wrong treatment not work and side effect, more sufferers know which is right treatment for prostate, these doctors hating us due to we doing,defame our work. hope all sufferers see clearly, do not belive these slander, do not miss real cure prostate chance. We reserve legal prosecution.



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Special Natural Herbs TCM Cure Prostate Permanently
The Last Hope For Prostate Patients

headThe symptoms of prostatitis, enlarged prostate, prostatic calcification, prostate stone

When you having some symptoms below, will be careful to prostate problems. uncomfortable lower abdomen, swell, cold lower abdomen, pain or swell groin or swell, discomfortable perineum, always feel defecate but don't. testicle pain or swell, senstive, feel buring, hot, or pain while urinate, lower back pain, body strength loss, libido down, loss of erection, ejaculation pain, short of orgasm, or white liquid comes out of urethra when defecate. even see blood in semen, or blood in urine. urination frequently, urination urgently, can't hold off urine. urination stream thin, weak, drip after urinate, urine stream split, urination interrupt, bladder is not empty, urine release uncompletely, pants wet after urinate,urination wait or urination hesitation, get up many times at night to urinate, severe condition is wearing catheter, urine can't be released out.

prostatitis and enlarged prostate difference is prostatitis has pain or buring, hot while urinate, or have pain, swell uncomfortable, enlarged prostate main is urination weak, flow block, urination hesitaion, urination frequently, hard to urinate. prostate calcification or prostate stone reason is same with prostatitis, some people don't have symptoms but find calcification or stones when scan prostate. but don't mean always don't have symptoms.

headWhy is your prostate never cured? The Unique Prostate Treatment "Break the Blockage of the Prostate” is a magically effective medicine among prostate remedies that will cure the prostate.

Antibiotics and many chemical medicines never work to prostate, because the prostate has a firm envelope on the outside, antibiotics can't enter the gland to treate inflammation, The reason for chronic prostatitis are not bacteria or pathogen, So after taking many kinds of antibiotics, patients still have the same symptoms. As for BPH, western medicines such as Flomax or Saw Palmetto serve to open the urethra, but the side-effect for BPH sufferers is when you stop taking the medication, you are unable to urinate by yourself, another side effect is sex drive down.
Most of Chinese herbs doctors try to nourish the kidney yin or yang with medicines such as ginsing to treat the prostate. However, the consequences are symptoms are aggravated because the deficiency of the kidney can not endure this invigorator. So either way, western and most of chinese medicines do not know how to cure the prostate.
Professor Yang Wang is the 10th successor of well-known Chinese Medicine Doctors family. He belivers the qi and blood stasis and heat of the lower body are the main reason of prostate disease, Until you make the qi and blood circulation smooth, herbs to treat the kidney yin or yang will not be effective, They will only aggravate the stasis with bad results. This is why many patients who take ginseng feel worse.
The cause of prostate disease is chill enters the body, causing circulation of the prostate to be blocked. Many prostate sufferers' symptoms are aggravated when the weather is cold. The reason is the chill makes the qi and blood stagnate. Then damp-heat is collected in the lower-Jaio, causing the yin or yang kidney deficiency. So to cure prostate disease the circulation of the blood and qi must be invigorated, removing the cause of retention to clear away the toxins and blockages in the prostate tubes.
Fortunately, more and more western prostate sufferers have realized Professor Yang Wangs' medicines handed down 300 years can cure the prostate. Based on historical records, several hundreds of thousands of successful cases have been proven. The formulas come from a long heritage. They are made from pure natural plants, insects and living things from the sea. There is a special process to make these medicines which causes them to have a strong efficacy to activate blood circulation to dissipate blood stasis without any toxins or side-effects to people.
'Break through the obstruction of the prostate' sums up the treatment method. The remedies are based on the the causes of prostate disease according to modern medical science: damp invasion of lower energizer, obstruction and stagnation, and deficiency. The remedies are composed of many kinds of herbs. The main formulas include two types of capsules which activate blood circulation to dissipate stasis in the prostate gland. They cooperate with the powder to clear damp and heat. Only oral medicine can sure prostatitis, BPH, and prostate cancer from the root. Any other external or physical treatments such as microwave, laser, radiofrequency ablation (RFCA), or injections will never clear away the blockage in the prostate. The bad symptoms will come back soon after these wrong treatments, which also easily hurt the prostate, and damage sexual function.
Professor Yang Wang has improved the traditional formulas based on the modern persons body conditions. In the 10,000 case statistics, the cure rate is 98% based on the China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine test. Generally, prostate disease is eliminated forever. The series of medicines can cure acute and chronic prostatitis, shrink enlarged prostate, get rid of catheter, remove the prostate calcification and stones, make any testicular, prostate or urination pain disappear, will make urination free, improve sexual function and increase libido and sexual pleasure.
The treatment period is one month. Most long term chronic prostatitis is healed in 1-2 rounds (or months). The PSA level will go down in 1 round. Enlarged prostate will shrink in 2-3 rounds. Prostate cancer needs 3-4 rounds to recover a normal test. Even after stopping the medicines you will continue to get better and better. achieving a healed prostate. The treatment first dredges the meridian, then dredges the gland tubes and the urethra to eliminate waste and toxins in the prostate, eliminating symptoms, improving sexual function and recovering the patients life quality. The heat clearing supplement will restore conditions that have been aggravated by supplements or invigorators for deficiency of the kidney. Only after clearing away heat and toxins will the prostate be cured. Regard the bowel cleaning as restorative.
The Governor Mr. Lihua of Liaoning Province took Professor Wangs medicines to cure his several decades of BPH in 2 rounds. He praised the magical effect. Now army hospitals cooperate with our prostate research institute to spread the special treatment. The unique cure has been given national key patent protection by world traditional medicines.Patent No.03131156.8 Counterfeiting is not allowed. The medicines have been passed on from one generation to the next. Thanks to god that modern humans can still get the magical medicines to cure the prostate. Prostatitis treatment, BPH treatment, prostate cancer treatment, prostate calcification treatment involves removing the toxins and blockages, and lowering the heat of the prostate. This can cure prostatitis, shrink the prostate, and remove prostate cancer from the root.
Getting healed is a proven technique. Prostate patients can answer the symptoms list. Please email the answers to cureprostate@hotmail.com or prostate@live.cn. Experts will prescribe the medicine combination for you. We will tell you how to pay it online or how to wire payment. We will post the medicines to your door, so any patients can get the magic medicines and right treatment at home. This will save lots of travel costs for you to have your prostate cured. We have been getting very many emails from all over the world seeking help eveyrday.

head“Prostate Discharge Block Capsules No.2"

Promotes blood circulation by removing blood stasis. Whether prostatitis, BPH, or prostate cancer is present, the reasons are blockage and obstructions, and stagnancy in the prostates 32 tubes. Frequent prostate congestion causes these small tubes to become swollen. The blockage and stagnancy becomes inflammatory matter. The prostate becomes enlarged, bringing urinating pain, swollen groin, lower abdomen swelling or pain, lymph pain, perineum pain even where you cant sit down. Enlarged prostate crowds the bladder making urination difficulty. There are many urination problems. Older persons suffering from BPH get up many times to urinate at night or even get to the point of not being to urinate which endangers their life. Many treatment methods such as surgery can't clear the blockage and stasis. The basic causes of prostate disease are still there and the condition recurs endlessly. The key to cure the prostate is to remove the blockage and stagnancy. The Wangs' discharge block series of capsules adopt secret powerful insects herbs, herb formulas to activate blood circulation to dissipate blood stasis. Take the pills with hot water twice a day. Because of the special process used to produce the pills, they do not have the side-effect of raw herbs and their power is increased. If taking with it with Chinese yellow chiu, which is a cooking wine, as the pills enter the body they will be guided to the proper channels to work on the prostate better. The unique treatment solves the difficulty of common medicines which cannot enter the prostate due to the thick envelope which surrounds the prostate. Generally, perineum pain will be reduced or disappear in 15-30 days, difficult urination symptoms improves in 30-40 days, and disappear after 30-60 days, bloody semen will be cured in 30 days, improved sexual function in 30 days with increased sexual excitation. While the blockage is cleared away, the prostate will shrink, the PSA goes down. Even prostate cancer cells stop growing or metastasizing, they won't release toxins. Cancer cells change to normal. This is the natural and safe treatment method for the body. order No.2 pills.

head“Prostate Discharge Block Capsules No.1”

As the analysis concerning prostate diseases stated above, the key to curing the prostate is to clear away blockage. Chinese medicines' theory thinks the swelling and pain is caused by stasis, blockage and obstructions. Only after the prostate is unobstructed will the pain go away. The root cause is stagnancy and obstruction. The No.1 capsules' ingredients and functions are similar with No.2. It not only cures prostatitis and BPH but also cures testicle pain or soreness. It cures testitis or epididymitis. Once men have testicle pain or soreness caused by testitas or epididymitis it's awful. The testicles generate sperm and the prostate liquid cultures sperm. If the testicles have inflammation, the source of a mans life is threatened. Scarcely any western medicines can relieve testicle pain or cure testitis or epididymitis. Antibiotics can't remove the blockage. They can't break through the thick envelope surrounding the prostate. So they don't work for the prostate, testicles, or epididymitis. However Chinese medicines function differently. The effective and powerful formulas can remove the blockage and stagnancy in the prostate, testicles and epididymis. Capsule No.1 is a superactive formula. It not only solves the testicke pain or epididymis pain quickly, it also solves urinating problems, pain and burn. There is an obvious effect in 20 days. Some patients' pain disappears in only 10 days. Because prostatitis or BPH have many symptoms, we often use the 2 types of capsules at the same time to get perfect results. It can mostly kill chlamydia or mycoplasma pathogen in 30 days. order No.1of pills

head“The Clear Heat Powder Herbs”

The formula is made to reduce damp heat and has diuresis causing herbs. The capsules gets rid of the stasis and blockage in the prostate. Then use the heat-clearing powder to to eliminate the toxins and waste from the prostate, making the prostate recover to normal. After using the powder, the stool color is brown or dark, which is the toxins in the body. After the the stool color becomes normal yellow, the inflammation has disappeard and the effect can be felt and seen. The powder not only treats prostatitis, it shrinks an enlarged prostate. It can also cure a urinary tract infection, bladder infection, kidney stones, kidney hydrops. Chinese medical opinion is that the cause of a urinary tract infection is the same as prostititas, so prostatitis usually has a aching, burning sensation with urination. Only clearing away the lower heat can cure a urinary tract infection. Powder has herbs that diminish inflamation and can wash the urethra curing prostatitis, BPH,, urinary tract infection, blodder infection, kidney infection, kidney stones and so on. The treatment uses natural herbs that clear away waste and don't hurt the prostate such as microwave, laser, radio frequency and other physically destructive ways do. The ingredients have properties that will expel toxins and take down swelling. They especially cure pain while urinating and soothe the urethra from heat and inflammation. The uncomfortable heat, pain, and inflammation of the urethra will disappear in 7-15 days. Some serious damp-heat patients will have black stool after taking it. The black is just toxins and waste in the body. Clearing away the blockage makes the prostate liquid corcle smoothly. The prostate and sex function can be recovered and will improve according to ones self-adjustment to recover. Because the medicines clear away toxins of the whole body they improve your overall health, avoiding other infections an are good for whole health. order herbs powder

Attn: Prof. Wangs' original articles on his treatment theory were copied by many doctors because they recognize the treatment is right. However, they don't have Prof. Wangs' special medicines. They can not cure patients prostate problems. The unique speical herbs cannot be copied. special processing methods are used to refine raw medicines materials, achieving the best effects and which also removes any raw materials side-effects to the body. So if you see some articles similar to Prof. Wangs', they don't have the same special medicines and still won't cure you. Only get the medicines directly from Chinamedcure.com.

Here are some patients testimonials feedbacks after taking the medicines prove herbs work result. It would be updated more timely if not for the limitations in our words. Though some stranger people publish words on internet to defame professor and the herbs work effect, because our work affect their business, they all are doctors to sale medicines too, these people who publish words to defame us never used our herbs, hope everybody don't believe these untrue words, avoid miss right treatment.

The herbs for prostate are not only these formulas. We will change formulas for different cases. We supply herbs for prostate remedies to give back your prostate health. (send email to cureprostate@hotmail.com or prostate@live.cn order our treatment, we answer you in 24 hours, if don't get our reply, please check spam mail)

headThe Yang Wang ’s Chinese Medicines Theory of How to Cure Prostate Permanently
Modern immunology thinking realizes the immune system is not simply to prevent infection but acts as a self-stabilizing immunological surveillance system. It guards against pathogens entering the body, clears away dead or damaged cells, eliminates mutational cells, and avoids tumors. Chinese medicines improve the immunity, resulting in a healthy energy in the whole body to resist illness. Vigor is most important to the body. The main reason a person suffers from illness is a lack of vigor. Outside factors act as an evil influence which cause illness. To cure disease, one must increase the healthy energy to beat the evil influence. The treatment theory is based on supporting healthy energy and eliminating the evil influence. The clearing-heat medicine brings down inflammation without the adverse reaction antibiotics have and strengthens immunity as well. The medicines can be called immunologic herbs or natural antibiotics. The capsules promote blood circulation by removing blood stasis and give a strong inhibition to adherence of body fluids and cells, which improves immunity. It is a whole treatment, not only curing the prostate, but also preventing the illness from returning, with complete healing of the prostate as the aim.

headWhy is prostte disease difficult to cure?
What is known about prostate disease? If you want to cure any disease you must start with the root cause. Western doctors think the cause of prostate inflammation is the same as with other organs, that when infected contain bacteria or pathogens. But it has been proven even of prostate patients that use antibiotics, and their culture test comes back negative for bacteria, the symptoms don't change and the patients feel the same as before using antibiotics. The western doctors can't explain why the prostate will enlarge even though test results show no bacteria. They don't know the true cause of prostate diseases and how they can be cured. Many doctors use physical or injection methods to treat the prostate which only aggravate the blockage and hurt the prostate, not curing it at all, bringing more side effects and making the sexual function worse. Traditional Chinese medical science has a 5,000 year history. There are many proven formulas that have been handed down. But not just any Chinese formula is effective. The causes of prostate diseases are many. Simple formulas won't cure complicated types and most Chinese doctors use an invigorator supplement which only aggravates symptoms. Prof. Wang uses the secret formulas handed down from his ancestors, which have proven effective for hundreds of yrs. He discovered the main cause of prostate disease is lower body heat and blockage in the prostate. Clear the heat and the blockage, make the gland circulation smooth and the prostate will recover. Concerning the prostate diseases knowleges.

headThe prostate is very important to man.
The prostate is a major subsidiary sexual gland to men and has an important physiological function. It covers the urethra and ejaculatory duct. It controls urine coming out of the bladder and also the opening at the back of the prostate, the seminal colliculus. Prostate liquid is part of semen and supplies nutrition and liquefaction to semen. Though the prostate weighs only 20g, once it suffers inflammation, men will suffer such hardships as urinating irregularly and with difficulty, painful ejaculation or less orgasms and even infertility. A mans emotions will feel increased pressure and his life condition will worsen. If you feel pain in the prostate, your urination is abnormal, such as painful or hot while urinating, frequent urination, urgent urination, waiting urination, endless or terminal dribbling, or even having white liquid after defecation, you should consider prostatitis. If you have to get up many times to urinate at night, or it is hard to urinate, have decreased force of urination and so on, you should consider hyperplasia of prostate gland.






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Professor Yang Wang - Chinas' Eminent Prostate Specialist

professorProfessor Yang Wang, 75 years-old, he is chinese registered chief doctor, doctorial tutor in university of TCM, secretary-general and director in china association of TCM, the excellent and eminent chinese specialist in prostatitis, BPH, and prostate cancer treatment, the chief and academic leader of the china shenzong prostate researching & treating institution, enjoying the special allowance of state councilthe. Professor Wang is the tenth generation in well-known chinese doctor family, his ancestor is the Qing dynastic well known doctor Fengcun Wang, who is Qing dynastic king special doctor, the family has many particular formulas to cure the difficult cured illness, specialises in cureing the prostate and urinary diseases. He sumped up the ancestral prescriptions according to modern persons, goes on carry the effective medicines forward. His outstanding success was awarded the scientific and technologic achievements in the third communication world tradtional medicines at 1996, the World Traditional Medical Association awarded him the morden worthy doctor of traditonal chinese medicines. Beijing china culture research institution invited him as member. His thesis gain the golden award at the world traditional medicines session. The having high prestige and universal respect old leader Mr. Lihuang secretary liaoning provincial committee suffered from severe BPH, his health care doctor find professor wang to treat old leader prostate problem, after patient took one round medicines, urinating is free a lot, don't need get up many times to urinate at night, after 3 rounds treatment, all symptoms disappear. Old leader is glad to invite professor meeting. China xinhua news agency editor Mr.Ma took the serial medicines to cure the BPH and urinary retention, the prostate shrink to normal after treat 60 days, and get rid of catheter in first round. Mr.Ma present board to express appreciation. Because professor wang has original chinese medicines technology, he ever wrote many books, such as <Chinese medicines prostate handbook> and <Chinese medicines pharmacy>. Ministry of Health of China awarded him honour certificate due to his benefit mankind and science career. Professor Wang published <Dissipate blood stasis to cure prostate disease>,<The 500 cases analysis of chinese medicines treat prostate> etc. thesis on international science publication.