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Welcome to chinamedcure.com. Here you'll know why your prostate has not been cured, and why after you have tried many therapies and treatments they have not worked and your condition is worse. You will learn how to heal your prostate with the correct treatment that will not harm your body. Please read the articles. Answer the questionnaire so we can help you.

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Attention: The prostate is very important to a man. If you suffer from prostititas or BPH do not misuse therapies, physical therapy or injection into prostate, which destroy the prostate, making conditions worse. Our therapies need repair the damage, prolonging the treatment time. Too many patients feel worsen after injection into prostate. we absolutely oppose it





















































The biological makeup and functions of the prostate
The prostate is located in back of the urethra, the shape is like chestnut. The prostate encircles the back urethra, has five lobes-front lobes, middle lobes, back lobes, left lobes and right lobes, once prostate has be infected often brings the urinary problems. And the prostate is close and relatively to spermatophore and ejaculatory duct, some prostatitis sufferers have seminal vesiculitis. 
The main function of the prostate is to produce prostate fluid for sperm live, transports sperm while the orgasm. The prostate is male accessory sexual gland, more than 90% of semen is prostate liquid, the liquid is carrier for sperm and supply nutrient, so the prostate diseases also aroses infertility or reduced libido.
The physiology function of prostate has three points: 1. Control the urination. The prostate is made up of the near urethra wall and urethral sphincter surrounding the urethra, the detrusor contracts and then the inner sphincter relaxes. 2. Transport secretions. Prostate gland tissue can transport the secretions from the spermatophore and the spermaduct by the tubes, when ejaculate the prostate and spermatophore and muscles contract, push out the secretions into the proximal urethra from gland tubes and acinous. Usually the prostate has a kind of silent secretion, namely a little amount of prostate gland liquid is transported into urethra and ejected. 3. The external secretion and internal secretion. The external secretion is the prostate cells secrete into small lobe, secretion includes many types enzyme, sodium, calcium, chlorine, zinc and so on. The internal secretion can act the function to pituitary gland, metabolizes steroid and testosterone into stronger male hormones and then transport them into the blood.


The symptoms and live factors of the prostatitis
Prostatitis is inflammation of the prostate. There is acute and chronic prostatitis commonly. The bacterial prostatitis because blood infection or bacterial spread, the prostate rapidly gets congestion, dropsy, exudation, or forms cysts, if have larger abscessthis to causes acute prostatitis. The bloodstream infection have fever, urinary tract infection have obvious urinary irritation condition. The acute prostatitis sufferers usually have the symptoms of weakness, anorexia, vomit, chill and fever etc; perineum or lower abdomen swollen and pain, radiated pain to waist, back, thigh, and frequent urination, urgent urination, urinate pain and so on. If the acute prostatits isn't cured timely, will become the chronic prostatitis. 
Chronic prostatitis usually occurs in over 20 ages men, the symptoms are complicated, the course of diseases is long and recurrent infection, it is associated with chronic urinary infection commonly, calcifications in the prostate (prostatic stones). Chronic prostatitis affects patients' work and life badly. The prostatitis is usually classified bacterial and nonbacterial , group-specific type and other types. In the cases of bacterial prostatitis, the culprits usually are escherichia coli, staphylococcus, streptococcus etc. Nonbacterial prostatitis is most of prostatitis, cultured prostate liquid can't find any bacterias. The symptoms of nonbacterial are similar to bacterial, besides the prostate pains, perineum, scrotum, or groin swells and pains, frequent urination, urgent urination, urinate burning pains, and can appear white secretion in urine while defecate or urinate, that must need be cured as soon as possible, the white secretion is prostate liquid, if has the white urine for a long time, will result in sexual ability failing. The complicated symptoms are due to the prostate nerves branch complex. But west doctors can't explain the causes of nonbacterial prostatitis, antibiotics can't work to prostate inflammation neither.
The sumed up symptoms: frequent urination, urgent urination, urinate burning pains, urinary incontinence, and urinary stoppage, urine bifurcate, white turbidity in urine, bloody semen, and white turbidity in urine. The second is radioactivity pain symptoms at the lower abdomen, testicle, urethra, waist, penis, varicosity, scrotum, groin, and thigh and rectum region. Swell and pain at back urethra, perineum and straining at stool. The third is sexual dysfunction, failing at sexual ability, impotence; premature ejaculation, painful ejaculation, reduced libido, and spermatophore inflammation arose blood in semen etc. The fourth is neurasthenia, including fatigue, dizziness, insomnia with dream, dumps. Persistent prostatitis can indeed result in pathological changes in the patient's body with conjunctivitis and arthritis etc. In addition the chronic prostatitis also brings colliculitis. The colliculus is located in the back urethra like a hillock with many canals' export of the prostate gland at two sides, and it has abundant nerves, which directly control ejaculation and strengthen orgasm. The prostatitis cystitis and urethritis all can affect the colliculitis, without infectious factors, the nonbacterial colliculitis is also caused by the sexual immoderation, masturbation, interruption of sexual intercourse, abstinences, and spermatorrhoea, restraining ejaculation which has the prostate engorged reduplicate. The colliculitis brings urinate stabbing pain symptoms, and affect back urethra contractile force, the semen haven't been ejaculated but flows slowly, which make the climax weaken or disappear, not only trouble the patients, but also depress sexual life, even can result in marriage break. 
The cause of chronic prostatitis are the following approximately, 1. The acute prostatits changes to the chronic because of grave acute or not cured thorough 2. The acute inflammation at the urethra, urethritis, vesiculitis epididymitis, or mycoplasma and chlamydia. 3. Blood infection because of tonsillitis, decayed tooth, infected bacteria at skin or other organs. 4. The nearby lymph infected, or the prostate local cold. 5. Improper sexual intercourse such as sexual immoderation, frequent masturbation, restraining ejaculation, interruption of sexual intercourse. The prostate reduplicated engorged brings the exhaustion of the lower origin, dampness evil is poured down into the kidney and the dampness toxin spread to bladder, which affect the functions of the bladder. Besides, urethral block, BPH or the damnification at perineum and urethra all also induce the chronic prostatitis. 6. Riding, sitting or squatting for a long time make the blood of prostate block, spicy food or drinking are also the reason of the prostatitis. 


The nonbacterial prostatitis
There is a phenomenon that many patients have seen many doctors and taken a mass of antibacterial, but the prostatits still recrudesce, that is why? The reason is not all of the prostatitis is caused by bacterial infection and quite many prostatitis have no bacterial. So the antibacterial medicines haven't effect. The symptoms of the nonbacterial prostatitis are similar to the chronic bacterial prostatitis, only the numbers of the leucocyte in the prostate liquid increase but have any bacterial or mycoplasma and chlamydia and other pathogenic microbe found. Because of no the infection reasons, western doctors thinks the cause of chronic nonbacterial prostatitis is unknown. The Chinese traditional medicine thinks the reason is the repeated congestion of the prostate, for example because a married man who is used to regular sexual life can not have sexual intercourse during his wife is pregnant or ill, or the strong sexuality men who are afraid women are pregnant interrupt sexual intercourse before ejaculation, or a unmarried man has sexual impulsion frequently or over masturbation. Besides, excessive alcohol or eat over capsicums and other acrid or spicy foods can also result in the chronic prostatitis. 
In addition, there is another condition termed prostatodynia. The symptoms are similar to prostatitis, but there is no evidence of prostate inflammation, this is also nonbacterial prostatitis. In fact, quite a number of patients is nonbacterial one, which only have a mass of leucocyte without any bacterial in the prostate liquid. Adopting antibiotics to cure diseases can't have preferably effect. The traditional Chinese medical science know the cause of nonbacterial prostatitis is lower heat and blockage in prostate tubes, use the special herbs formulas to clear away the toxin and blockage, make prostate circulation smooth, without blockage everything is well.

Bloody semen
Bloody semen is called ejaculation with blood and caused by vesiculitis mostly. As we know, there are a pair of duct-like gland tissue located in the back of urethra and prostate, that is spermatophore. It communicates with the back urethra through ejaculation duct. Because the wall of sepermatophore is very thin, once the gland is infected or congested, the gland wall with lots of blood vessel is easy to bleed. The secretion of the spermatophore is mainly one of components of semen, the secretion is dyed by the spermatophore bleeding and released from body, bloody semen occurs during ejaculation. Since the spermatophore is close to the prostate, the two organs will interact like brothers. That means vesiculitis and chronic prostatitits often occur together.
Chronic prostatitis will also brings bloody semen, the reason of the symptoms is similar to vesiculitis. The reason is that the prostate secretion is another important part of semen. The prostate congested because of inflammation, or frequent sexual intercourse results in the capillary vessel broken will bring bloody semen. Besides, BPH may bring bloody semen just like the above. 

Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (BPH)
When the size of the prostate gets a certain degree, it will oppress the bladder and urethra, this causes a series of the dysuria symptom, which is called benign prostate hypertrophy (BPH)or prostate enlargement. BPH mainly occurs in men over 50 years and more than 80% of old men suffer from it according to statistic. Owing to the prostate is located the exit of the bladder and around urinary tract, in case of BPH the prostate will oppress the urethra and make the release of urine block, then result in a serial of pathological changes in urologic system.According to the degrees of hypertrophy, BPH is classified three degrees, natural size of prostate is like chestnut, the first degree is like a egg yolk, the second is like a yolk of duck's egg, and the third is like a yolk of goose's egg.
The main symptoms of BPH aggravating dysuria, difficulty in urinating. The early stage of BPH can bring frequent urination, especially serious frequent urination in night, and will happen gently urinary hesitation, urinate with powerful abdomen force, urination weakness, thin stream of urine or urine bifurcate, dripping wet, urinary incontinence , even retention of urine. Pressure of the prostate to the urethra may bring other urologic disease such as urethritis or bladder inflammation(cystitis), vesical calculus or bladder diverticulum etc. All of these pathological changes also arose the hematuria. In Chinese medicine theory, the pathogenesis of BPH is associated with qi transformation of the triple burner, impaired diffusion and downbearing of the lung, unable to govern regulation of the waterways, the splenic transformation failure and unable to upbear the clear and downbear the turbid, damp-heat pouring down into the bladder, kidney vacuity and yang debilitation, qi transformation disturbance of lower burner, so the BPH is caused by the disturbance of qi transformation in the lung, spleen and kidney (triple burner). The speical chinese herbs formulas can shrink prostate, make prostate won't press urethra and bladder any more, the urinating is smooth as well, which solve the surgery and operation can't cure BPH, because many sufferers' prostate still grow up after operation soon.

Fangle ----Female "prostate disease"
There is gland tissue located the above back of female urethra, it is called female "prostate" in medicine. About 92% women have the tissue, and 25% among them may be the real prostate structure. Since the female tissue is similar to prostate, it can also be infected, hyperplasia, or urethra straitness. In clinic the female "prostate" disease is caused by the obstruction in the neck of female bladder, the symptoms just like the male BPH. So it is defined female "prostate" obstruction, which mainly occurs in over middle age, especially in the old women. The symptoms are similar to male prostate diseases such as dysuria, slow urinary stream, dribbling wet and even acute urinary retention. The obstruction of bladder neck may bring urethra infection and the symptom of the urinary urgency, frequenct urination, painful urination or hematuria etc. 

Hematuria(Bloody urine)
Many patients of the BPH apprear bloody urine suddenly, now and then with gores. As we know, the blood vessel in the hyperplastic prostate may also be increasely, and the hyperplastic tissue protrudes toward the urethra tract and is collided by urine, because the patient of BPH could not urinate unobstructed, once he overexerts in urination or local pressure reduces suddenly after urination, abundant blood vessel in the hyperplastic prostate will be broken and bring hematuria. Besides, the pressure to urethra owing to BPH also results in other inflammation of urinary system such as urethritis, cystitis, bladder stones and bladder diverticulum etc, and these illnesses also bring hematuria. The essential treatment is just to cure BPH, the sepcial herbs formuals can disappear the blood in urine in 20-30 days. 




profwangThe remedies inventor Professor Yang Wang is famous prostate treatment specialist in china, the 10th generation inherits 300 years specials formuals, sucessful in cure prostatitis, BPH and prostate cancer. He is the doctorial tutor in university of TCM, secretary-general and director in china association of TCM, the chief and academic leader of the china shenzong prostate researching & treating institution, enjoying the special allowance of state councilthe.

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Male vulnerable organ-Prostate

Many hinges in human body are the regions where the diseases occur easily is similar to there are many traffic accidents in main roads. The prostate where the urethra and procreation duct gather together is just vulnerable region in men. 
Threr are lots of tracts converged in the prostate
The chestnut-size prostate is located below the bladder and surrounds the section start of urethra, the weight of the prostate in adult man is only about 20g, and the urinary tract passes through it. There are 16-32 gland ducts from prostate opened into the urethra, eject prostatic fluid which composes semen. Furthermore, the right and left ejaculation ducts are formed by the spermatic efferent and the ampullae located end of the spermaduct, also pass through the prostate and open to the spermatic colliculus. Do you think here is a dangerous hinge so many ducts converged in only 1-2cm region?
Dysuria-urinary retention
The urinary retention is mainly caused by obstruction of the urethra near the prostate because of urethral stricture. The prostatitis usually occurs in younger men but BPH or prostate cancer usually occurs in old men. The incidence of BPH is correlative with the patients ages according to statistics, 50% of over 50-year-old men suffer it , 60% of over 60-year-old men suffer it, and 70% of over 70-year-old , almost 90-100% of over 90-year-old men suffer. The harm of the urinary obstruction and the urinary retention may results in relapsing urinary tract infections and kidney function damage, even kidney function prostratedt, at last endangering the patients' life.
Ejaculation malfunction-non-sperms disease
The colliculitis and vesiculitis or the inflammation of the spermaduct may cause the block of ejaculatory ducts, the sperms from testicle could't be ejaculated through the spermaduct, so no sperms is found in semen. This is called non-sperms disease. Less or non sperms disease also result in infertility due to the block of ejaculation 
Strobe malfunction-reversed ejaculation 
The prostate is actually a gland made up of amyofibre and glandular organ. There are at least three different functions groups of muscles controled by different nerves inside and outside prostate, which exert function of switch for ducts strobe in phase each other. While urinate the detrusor has the bladder contracted, inter and outer sphincters relax, the urine is released from the bladder, while ejaculate the amyofibre of prostate is contracted as well as the urethra inner sphincter is contracted to close the bladder neck and the outer sphincter opened, the semen is ejaculated outside. If the regulation is out of control, the inner sphincter wouldn't colse the bladder neck, instead the outer sphinecter is opened to close the door for the semen ejection, as result the semen only flows backward into the bladder, this is called "reversed ejaculation". Because the semen could not be ejaculated into vagina, the fecundation and bearing doesn't occur.
Secretion derangement-unliquefaction sperm
The prostate is mainly exocrine gland, the prostatic fluid it secretes is important part of the sperm, not only provides menstruum circumstance for the sperm fluid, but also ensures all kinds of elements for sperm movement. Here we should especially mention the gene fluidized sperm. A healthy man ejaculates 2-6ml sperm each time, the sperm is almost jelly form just while ejaculated because of agglutinin prostate secreted, the agglutinin can inpel the fibrinogen from spermatophore to change fibrin clot, the jelly form can prevent the sperm from pouring out of the vagina; the sperm should be fluidified after 5 minute, that is oweing to another plasmin the prostate secreted which make the fibrin dissolved, the function is very strong, about 2ml prostatic fluid have 100ml gore dissolve during one night, so the sperm should be fluidified within 30 minutes, that is benificial to semen movement and to accomplish impregnation. In case of prostate diseases, the gelable and soluble genes the prostate secreted lose the balance, the sperm would occur noliquefaction, this also causes barrenness. 
Malignant block-prostate cancer
The prostate cancer is just malignant disaster in the hinge organ as maligane traffic accidents happen easily in some main road. The incidence of the prostate cancer is quite high in America and Europe, and increases rapidly recent years, especially high inceidence of the latent prostate cancer. To sum up, men should carefully protect the organ, treat diseases in time once occuring discomfort, especially old men should insist on checkup every year in order to discover and cure the prostate disease as soon as possible.